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Big Society Suffolk is back

As suspected, Suffolk County Council’s New (No) Strategic Direction has not gone away.  Today’s front page of the East Anglian Daily Times carries the story of the privatisation of all of the Council’s care homes.  This would seem to indicate that the idea of turning all of the Council’s core services into profit making opportunities is proceeding apace, but simply without the fanfare, and thus controversy, that accompanied its initial foray into this area.  It will be interesting to see who wins the contract to run the homes.  Almost certainly it will not be any form of social or community enterprise, of the likes that we were told would be filling the gap as the Council divests itself of its responsibilities.

This move is highlighted on the same day that David Cameron tries to revive interest in The Big Society via the creation of Big Society Capital – an organisation designed to fund the creation of new state funded contractors operating in the guise of “social enterprises”.  It also follows hard on the heels of BBC Panorama revelations revealing how private suppiers are ripping-off the taxpayer via sub-standard apprentice schemes and the controversy over A4e and the £8.6 million taxpayer funded dividend the boss of that particular company awarded themselves.  Not so much a Big Society as a Big Business Society it seems.


Big Society Suffolk: has Society won?

The Big Question is – have we, the people of Suffolk, won?  Jeremy Pemberton has gone.  The new leader of the Council, Mark Bee, was elected on a promise of ‘reviewing’ the New Strategic Direction and engaging in a more extensive process of consultation.  Andrea Hill looks like she is on the way out.

In many ways – all good news.  However, one suspects that the lessons learnt are that the way you need to go about this has to change, not necessarily what it is you want to do.  After all, you do have to think that the way the Council went about this was sensationally stupid.  Why was there not even a basic plan, supported by proper research and analysis?  Why on earth select libraries and lollypop ladies as your first targets for divestment?  Why not consider the day-to-day impact on your ability to operate of essentially declaring the imminent redundancy of all of your staff?  Crazy stuff.

Anyway – I am sure that the Council is still going to press ahead with the transference of huge areas of taxpayer funded responsibilities to the private sector.  They are just going to do it with less ideological fanfare but probably still minimal consultation.  We are still waiting for Serco.  The real story behind the Big Society remains, only its presentation is likely to change.

Big Society Suffolk: the first casualties

The New (No) Strategic Direction has claimed its first casualites (that is if you don’t count community libraries and parks).  Today it was announced that Council Leader Jeremy Pembroke is to retire.  This follows a day after announcement of the immediate departure of Resources Director Graham Dixon and monitoring officer Eric Whitfield.  Both Dixon and Whitfield were closely associated with the implementation of the NSD – which raises the question of whether they were ousted as a result of failure to move this forward or because of objections to the self-evident madness of the policy.

Much is being made of Pembroke’s decency.  Presumeably therefore he has done the decent thing.

How many more people will end up going before the policy itself becomes a casualty.  Silly question really because, of course, the intention of the policy is to get rid of everyone and pay Serco to run the place.  Serco already takes care of our rubbish, why not then take care of the elderly or education?

Update:  Just noticed – there was an earlier casualty as James Hargraves’ blog points out.

Sort-of Suffolk wikileaks: what the people of Suffolk really think about the Big Society

Back in December I put in a Freedom of Information request (so not really wikileaks territory) to see all the responses to the public engagement process launched (in a hurry and under pressure from the Green and Independents on the Council) before Suffolk County Council voted to approve its ‘New Strategic Direction’.  For those who need reminding, the New Strategic Direction is the idea (I hesitate to call it a plan) by which all of the services provided by Suffolk County Council will be divested to private sector contractors, or social enterprises.   The delay does not appear to have been the Council’s fault, simply an issue with a mis-placed email.

You can download the documents I received here:

results as of 22nd November FOI

Concerns and Opportunities FOI 22nd Nov

Additional feedback collated through meetings and events and including correspondence received

A quick read, especially of the document called ‘Concerns and Opportunities’ is really quite revealing.

Firstly, there do not appear to be any opportunities identified.  I have asked the Council if they have neglected to send me the responses that identified opportunities, or if it was that case that no opportunities were identified.  I have yet to hear back.

(Update 15/2/11: I have just been sent a revised document which does contain the opportunities, although many are phrased thus – “The only opportunities are for the public sector to rid itself of the responsibilities of providing services that they are legally obliged to do, handing them over to people who will not run them well but for a profit – cutting services and staff and destroying the social support framework – or people who will run services badly leading to the loss of the services. But it is a good opportunity for certain individuals to enhance their political reputations.” Here is the revised documement Concerns and Opportunities FOI 22nd Nov-2)

Second, it is clear that the people of Suffolk are a very sensible bunch.  So sensible you might even, for example, want them to run local government services across the county (now there’s a thought).  What emerges, in the most part, is a series of very considered points that make the case that the ‘New Strategic Direction’ (read Big Society) is a very silly thing to do, being done in a very silly way.  The latter, i.e. the total lack of any coherent plan or management process, probably being the most coherent and strongest of all the concerns raised.  My soundbite on this one is “ideology on the one hand and incompetence on the other”.  Something that appears to becoming the calling card of this Conservative-led government in much the same way as manipulation and deceit became the calling card of New Labour.

Council Leader, Jeremy Pembroke and CEO, Andrea Hill have, I hope, read these documents.  There is much in it that they could learn.

I have not gone through the information in detail – I am making this information available as soon as I have received it so that anyone can examine it.  I will, however, sit down and digest it more thoroughly and will post any further observations.

P.S I notice that David Cameron is spending today trying to explain the Big Society.   Here is one of Cameron’s ‘chaps’ doing this late last year.  You can see why Dave thought he needed to have a go himself.

A reply from Jeremy Pembroke

Here is Jeremy Pembroke’s response to my email.  I will make no comment upon it, you can reach your own conclusions as to whether it forms anything which deserves that label of an answer to my question (see earlier post)

Dear Mr Stacy

Thank you very much for your recent e-mail regarding Suffolk County Council’s New Strategic Direction.

As you may be aware we have an on-going engagement process and I would encourage you to get involved in that process.

There will be a number of opportunities to do so as we move forward. Those opportunities will be advertised in the local press, on our website and in community venues as appropriate.

Thank you again for the interest you have shown.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Pembroke

Leader of Suffolk County Council

Now the real work begins

As expected, Suffolk County Council yesterday gave its final endorsement to the plan to outsource itself (know as the New Strategic Direction but perhaps more accurately described as No Specific Detail).  As reported in today’s East Anglian Daily Times, council leader, Jeremy Pembroke has declared that “there is no blueprint under the table” and that it is too early to “come up with any firm details of how services would be transferred to other providers”.  I am not sure if we are meant to feel reassured by this.  Suffolk County Council has launched itself into the most radical transformation imaginable without a blueprint or having thought through the details.

What this really means, for the Council (obviously) and everyone else with an interest in this is that the real work starts now.  Continue reading ‘Now the real work begins’

Public meeting 30 November

Green Party Councillor, Mark Ereira-Guyer, is organising a public meeting in Bury St. Edmunds this coming Tuesday (30 November) at 6.30pm in the Friends Meeting House, St. Johns Street (I think it is actually in Church Row, near St Johns Street).

The purpose of the meeting is to collect views and opinions, and the views expressed will be recorded and circulated to the County Council, which makes attendance at this meeting a good idea if you have something you want to say to the Council.

More details from

Read the real story of the Big Society

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