A request to leader of the Council – Jeremy Pembroke

The following is the text of an email I have just sent to Leader of Suffolk County Council, Jeremy Pembroke.  I will also publish his response (assuming one is received)

Dear Councillor,

In relation to Suffolk County Council’s New Strategic Direction you have recently been quoted in the East Anglian Daily Times as saying, “Our intention is to encourage a diverse range of mutuals, co-operatives, social enterprises, charities, community groups, town and parish councils, or – in some cases – Suffolk-based businesses.”

I am assuming, therefore, that there is some substance that underpins this intention, in at least the form of figures which represent an estimate or even target for the percentage of services or expenditure that will be divested to these 3rd sector or community organisations. Alternatively I would imagine that some work must have been done to determine, in broad terms, what sort of organisations are likely to be appropriate for delivering which types of services.

I notice that that no such information is given in the documentation produced for public discussion to date, but I am assuming that this is simply an oversight, because to have proceeded thus far with the New Strategic Direction, without any such basic consideration would, in any normal process of management or planning, be considered highly irregular.

Could you either point me to where such information exists or let me know when the people of Suffolk (not to say the said “diverse range of mutuals etc…) can expect to see it.

I should warn you that I am asking this question in my capacity as running the blog Big Society Suffolk https://bigsocietysuffolk.wordpress.com. This is a blog specifically set up to create digital discussion amongst those people who are concerned about the New Strategic Direction and that I will be publishing this email, and any response, on this blog. I hope this will not dissuade you from responding.

Kind regards.

Richard Stacy


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