Roadshows: (a bit) more information

In response to a request for information on times and places, I have had the following from Sara Blake at SCC

It is difficult for me to provide you with exact locations as these are not fixed events but ‘days of acction’ where we go out and distribute the information and draw peoples attention to the survey. The strategy for each location varies and is fluid in that we will move to venues were there are the most people and if somewhere isint working we’ll move on. The idea is that we adapt our approach to reach the maximum number of people.

For example on Monday in Newmarket we focussed on the local supermarket, high street and leisure centre and in Bury St Edmunds most of the activity was in the Arc shopping centre.

In terms of timing most of the activity is being delivered between 10am-2pm apart from in Lowestoft which is 12-4pm.



1 Response to “Roadshows: (a bit) more information”

  1. 1 Suffolk e-watch November 20, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Sounds like an attempt to avoid the people who actually want to ask questions, by engaging with people who probably aren’t bothered and just want to do their shopping? Do I drive round town checking the supermarkets and Market places on a given day ?

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